Seac Sub ASSO Speargun - Pneumatic

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Seac Sub ASSO Speargun

Seac Sub Asso Spear Gun

  • Tank: aluminum alloy cylinder with a 40 mm diameter
  • Butt: Light alloy muzzle with increased holes to optimize the discharge of water
  • Handle: ergonomic and functional form. Made in one material
  • Barrel: the 13 mm diameter allows the use of an 8 mm spear 
  • Comes with: steel spear, injector, harpoon, harpoon loader, line.

The 30 is only 30cm long this fishing tool is easy to travel with and perfect for capturing pan size fish. The effective range to produce maximum penetration is 4-5 ft underwater.

Longer guns give a greater range, but are more bulky to handle under the water.

These spearguns DO NOT work like a paint ball gun. You get nearly unlimited shots because it is NOT a compressed gas CO2 powered speargun!

This patented closed cycle loop design recycles the energy so there is little wasted. These are silent in operation and DO NOT release any bubbles to scare the fish away when fired. Being stealthy and quiet offers a big advantage when hunting extremely sonic and vibration sensitive fish.

This amazing mini speargun works much like a pressurized vehicle shock absorber, it compress and expands, and recycles the energy. This speargun does NOT have to be recharged, pumped up, or refilled during normal use. It can also be re-loaded twice as fast as a rubber band power type of speargun.

Spearfishing is the most environmentally friendly method of harvesting fish, and it does the less damage to our ecosystem.

Spearfishing is an excellent healthy sport, an ancient method of obtaining a fully belly, and should leave plenty of fish for our grand children to enjoy.

Maintenance: Rinse with fresh water after each dive, keep the barrel clean from sand, never use a bent or broken spear shaft, never fire it out of the water, keep it away from children, and the mentally impaired, and store it muzzle down.

Loading these Guns ready for use is easy and quick and you’ll really appreciate the Pneumatic System these Guns employ if you’ve previously used “Sling Style” Spear Guns.
The Asso Range of Spear Guns use energy from compressed air that’s stored in the barrel. The pressure and therefore the power of the gun can be decreased from maximum power (as supplied) by releasing air from a vent valve. Operating at factory set pressure of just 20 bar the Asso Spearguns deliver amazing power.
They feature an Anatomical grip & Trigger safety switch are in bright yellow or red for good visibility.
Supplied with full operational instructions these compact powerful spear guns are supplied with a steel shaft, injector, harpoon, loader & line.
Asso 65 & 75 are the perfect length for UK Spear Fishing as your main Spear Gun and if you are a Surface (Breath Hold) Diver you might like to consider talking along the smaller and easy to Asso 40 or 50 as back up and to offer you a quick solution if your Prize in in sight but your main weapon not loaded and ready. Scuba Divers will appreciate the smaller sized Asso 40 & 50s as these are easier to ingenerate with other gear when diving.
The Following information covers most questions about Pneumatic Spearguns.
Pneumatic Spearguns utilize the energy from compressed air stored in the barrel. They are usually more powerful than banded Spearguns of the same length. When the shaft is pushed into the barrel, it compresses the air and builds up pressure.
No Pumping is required between shots. Pumping air into the barrel with the pump supplied is only necessary if the working pressure has been reduced by expelling air and you now wish to increase the pressure back to maximum. Or if you have expelled the air from the gun due to air travel etc. Most spear fisherman set the power / pressure at the start of the season - and that’s it! No more pressure setting or pumping should be necessary.
The ASSO is factory assembled with an internal air pressure of 20 bars (285 PSI). Warning : in case of re-loading do not ever exceed the 25 BAR.
To load an Asso you should lean the handgrip against your thigh or foot, according to the length, after inserting the tang of the shaft in the muzzle - drive the shaft towards the handgrip until the piston is hooked to the click tooth (when the hook has taken place, one can hear the "click").
Now the gun is ready for firing: When in the water, slide the safety to the fire position and pull the trigger, making sure that you are aiming the speargun away from yourself and other people.

Maintenance: Rinse with fresh water after each dive, keep the barrel clean from sand, never use a bent or broken spear shaft, never fire it out of the water, keep it away from children, and the mentally impaired, and store it muzzle down.

Make sure you have had the necessary training and fully read the manual before use 

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Model - Barrell Length - Price

  • Asso 30 - 30cm - £79.99 
  • Asso 40 - 40 cm - £81.99    
  • Asso 50 - 55 cm - £84.99     
  • Asso 65 - 69 cm - £87.99
  • Asso 75 - 79 cm - £94.99